A Healthy Breakfast Is The First Step To Weight Loss!

Contrary to popular belief, you cannot skip breakfast and expect to get into optimal shape. The following is an excerpt from ‘The Naturally Intense Breakfast Guide- Keys to Sustainable Weight Loss & Overall Health.’

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, however despite its significance in ensuring a longer lifespan and its major importance in the pursuit of overall body fat reduction and optimal performance; it is the meal most often neglected. In the grip of hectic lifestyles, breakfast in general has been relegated to an ‘on-the-run’ meal in the best of cases and a skipped meal in the worst of them. It is my firm belief that this very trend is one of the contributing factors to the pandemic of obesity in developed countries.

In my eighteen years as a personal trainer helping people get into shape, my experience has been that those who either skip breakfast altogether, or have a quick donut or a bagel with some coffee, tend to be the ones with weight problems. They also tend to be the ones who have a very difficult time not consuming large amounts of junk food in the later part of the day, and who see their junk food urges as being uncontrollable. As simple as it may seem, the solution is to eat a healthy breakfast, and follow through by eating balanced meals throughout the day.

An important rule of thumb for optimal health and proper weight management is to ensure that your meal sizes get smaller as the day goes on to coincide with your decreasing activity levels. My personal training clients are always hearing me say that you should;

“Breakfast like a king, have lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper!”

This rationale is the very basis for a sensible plan to permanently reduce body fat levels and maintain good health. It makes a lot of sense, since our body’s caloric demands go down as our activity levels decrease, so as the day goes on and we do less and less, our food consumption should be reduced as well.

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