Ayurveda Food for a Balanced Health

The food we intake is the only thing that
makes a very significant impact on someone’s health. The rich food we intake
the more health we will get. Along with the proper food, an efficient digestion
system is also important.

This is proved as a good alternative to those where
myriad of medications are taken to attain good health. This article is written
for the purpose of helping people understand the significance of Ayurveda food.

Ayurveda principles state that balance among the three doshas which are basic
life energy sources is the ingredients to a healthy life. Eating a healthy diet
will help balance the Kapha, Vata and Pitta doshas. Basically, Ayurveda food is
divided into six categories of tastes that are salty, sour, sweet, bitter,
astringent, and pungent. It is advised to include small amount of every taste
in order to maintain a healthy diet. Besides tastes, they are also classified
depending on its quality: unctuous or dry, heavy or light, warm or cool, In
case you have too much kapha, you should go for more light and dry food. On the
other hand, when you are facing problems related to Vata, you must intake more
heavy, unctuous and warm food. In order to maintain pitta, more cool, dry and
heavy foods are required.

Ad mentioned, balancing all the three doshas bring happiness and health to your
life, and by having all the six tastes and quality of Ayurveda food will help
sustain the balance. This move will not only keeps you away from various
ailments but found to be extremely beneficial for your emotional and spiritual
health. Ayurveda is a science of life that not only focuses on physical health
but on the general well being of an individual.

Moreover, Ayurveda food contains herbs and spices that are very beneficial to
one’s health.

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