Unhealthy Foods That You Should Avoid

With so many directions and advice about nutrition, it is difficult to choose what is truly good and eliminate from the diet foods that you should not eat again.

Numerous studies have shown that white bread contains
certain long-term harmful components. The risk of type 2 diabetes is high and
cholesterol levels can increase at an alarming rate and so is the risk of
developing cardiovascular disease.

Most products such as processed meats famous little bacon,
sausage, bologna, hot dogs, hamburgers, and others contain chemical
preservatives that make them look fresh and appetizing. Typically these meats
use nitrites and nitrates to give “lively” color. These compounds
have been correlated with an increased risk of colon cancer and other cancers.

Canned fruits are very sweet due to large amounts of sugar
and artificial sweeteners. However, besides the sweet taste, these fruits
contain high amounts of calories. It is advisable to consume fresh fruits and
juices and avoid those preserved.

In the same way as processed meats, sodas were correlated
with an increased risk of cancer. Full of sugars, dyes, caffeine, salt and
other chemicals, sodas basically creates acid in the body and feed cancerous

Fizzy drinks can lead to obesity and dental caries. Sodium
benzoate causes hyperactivity and changes the DNA. Caffeine found in high
concentrations in juices can cause sleep disorders and anxiety.

Refined sugar has a tendency to raise blood sugar levels
quickly and thus the insulin levels. The most dangerous products are those that
contain fructose corn syrup concentrate. It was found that especially with this
product in the diet the cancer cells grow and proliferate rapidly.

The regular pizza is not one of the healthiest foods, but
frozen version is more harmful because of improvers and existing artificial
preservatives in the dough to keep the product in an edible form.

Besides the fact that they are not as tasty as fresh
tomatoes, canned tomatoes are at risk of contamination with bisphenol-A (BPA),
a chemical that is associated with congenital malformations, cardiovascular
disease, obesity, diabetes, thyroid disorders and even cancer. BPA was banned
in the manufacture of containers for babies. In canned tomatoes can reach 50mcg
BPA and therefore it is recommended the fresh version of tomatoes or bottled
tomatoes in glass containers.

An organic ice cream will gain as much as non-organic one
because sugar is sugar, whether it is added in an organic product or otherwise.
Fructose corn syrup, cane sugar, white sugar, maple syrup, agave nectar,
contains approximately 16 to 20 calories per teaspoon. Also, organic chips and
organic pastries are just as high in fat and calories as non-organic products.